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This App is the funniest and effective way to visit the gardens at Cascina Triulza

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The history of the kitchen gardens is a journey back in time that starts with the first Egyptian testimonies between 1600-1400 BC, through the Greek and Roman civilizations, the Arab influence, the gardens of the Medieval abbeys, the most magnificent ones of Renaissance, until the gardens of the XX century War and the contemporary urban gardens, in an evolving process that includes not only the function-agricultural production but also the aesthetic -recreational, the educational, the social and therapeutic following the changing of economic and socio-cultural conditions.

For each horticultural species cultivated in the flowerbeds of Cascina you can find information on classification and botanical characteristics, origin and history, diffusion and importance, soil and climate requirements, varieties and/or commercial types, elements of growing techniques and nutritional characteristics, in order to get people familiar to these important components of our diet.